living a deliberate life...

I hope you always choose to live deliberately. I hope you will always take the risk to run alone; to stand firm in the company of fear. I hope wherever may lie your woods, that would become the place you go to be loved, to be challenged, and to look beyond the walls this world has built around you. I hope you realize that the purpose of the woods is not to hide or escape, but to face that which holds your heart, and to reclaim it as your own. Take ahold of your fear, and move forward with it as a reminder of what you are choosing to leave behind. Let past pain be a reminder of how far you have come, and allow your scars to be an addition to your beauty, not an intrusion on your worth. Embrace the smallest of joys, and the most devastating losses, for they are both playing an equal part in the shaping of your soul.

  • inspired by Dead Poets Society's "I went to the woods."


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authentic beauty is letting yourself live