authentic beauty is letting yourself live 


I'm Laurel Holland, and this is my creative space! 

I am a photographer for all you adventurous and romantic souls out there! I myself am always on the move, looking for new things to see and do (with my camera, of course). I am happiest when I am on a plane heading somewhere new, especially when any of my favorite people get to come with me! 

I love getting to capture special moments for people, especially between two people in love. Weddings, elopements, and ANYTHING involving travel are always some of my favorites. 

Although some settings are more or less "ideal" for photos, I have found that there is beauty to be found in "normal" life as well. I am always learning to keep my eyes open and appreciate even the smallest of beauties I often take for granted. I am constantly pursuing authentic storytelling and intentional creativity!

Anyway, feel free to check out more about me on here, or we could just meet in person and chat about telling YOUR story!!! 

I can't wait!