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authentic beauty is

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I'm Laurel Holland, and I am so excited you are here! 

I am a photographer for all you adventurous and romantic souls out there! I myself am always on the move, looking for new things to see and do (with my camera, of course). I am happiest when I am on a plane heading somewhere new, but live for the joy of coming back home to family :)

I love getting to capture special moments for people, especially between two people in love. There are intimate details that need to be captured to authentically tell people's stories, and that's what I am here for!

But what does it actually mean to be YOUR photographer? Take photos, obviously, but you do that with your phone. So what is the real distinction? Well this is where things get exciting! 

My job isn't to just take photos, but is to tell your entire story in a vulnerable and authentic way. These photos are a visual preservation of your unique and constantly changing seasons of life! I have the privilege of entering into your story in order to capture it as it's happening! 

You don't just want someone taking pictures, you want the experience of having a creative mind in your corner to help bring your story to life! That's where I come in! I get to be your friend, your support team, your personal hype-woman, AND your photographer. It's so fun and so much more meaningful when you have a photographer who is for YOU, not just for your photos. 

So practically what does this look like? Well, you get to tell me your story and we get to start having lots of fun! From adventure shoots, to intimate weddings, to spontaneous elopements, the options are nearly endless! I am currently based in The Carolinas, but I basically live out of my suitcase so I am ready to fly/drive wherever you need me! I can't wait to meet you! 


Let's get started!

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